Saturday, 12 September 2009

Makeover on Graciestar9

Graciestar9 is our newest fan :] and she asked me if i'd do a makeover for her :D
So here it is, hope you like it Gracie, and everyone else! :]
I started off with the usuals, removed makeup, accessories etc.
Then i started off with the eyeliner, light blue on the eyelids, and black below :D to make a nice contrast. I used white eyeshadow as a base, and then started building up the colours from there. I like that way of doing the eyeshadow as you can basically do whatever you like with it and pull it off :] i decided not to use mascara this time.
I highlighted the cheekbones with blush, changed the hairstyle and added the bow!
Et Voila!!
Katrina x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

makeover on puppy1014

Well my friend puppy1014 asked for a makeover. I found it really hard as her medoll is gorgeous already!
Firstly, I changed the hair style to a side ponytile. I decided that I would go for a pink colour scheme instead of a blue, so I used white eyeshadow with a touch of pink, and a streak of pink highlights in the hair. I then added some black eyeliner and mascara to make the eyes more bolder, and to finish it off I added the cute silver headband, purple star and blusher.

Hope you like it :) xx

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Now and then, people ask us to do makeovers for them, but they dont really have much in the way of make-up/accessories

Yesterday, Brittany asked us to do a makeover for her, so i thought i'd have a go, seeing as ive not done one in aaages :o

I like it when there isnt as much to work with, its a challenge for me, and it proves that a lot of the time, less is more.

Heres Brittany's makeover, hope you like it :D

I took out the hair bow and changed the hairstyle :]

Then removed the previous make-up and started off with the white eyeshadow, all over the eyelids. Then i highlighted the inner corners of each eye with the white kohl eyeliner. Then i lined the rest of the eyes with the black. At this point it all looked very monochrome which can normally be quite lovely, but it did need a splash of colour, so i used the pink eyeshadow pencil and then the volumizing mascara to finish the eyes.

Finally i highlighted the cheekbone with the lovely bright pink blusher- et voila!

I thought it looked nice without accessories this time, but you could add a nice hairclip, bow or pair of earrings if you want to :D


Monday, 20 July 2009

makeover on SOPHiiE__X

long time no makeover. :)

SOPHiiE__x had a really unique and nice medoll, and i <3>
but i decided to make it pink and girly. i changed the hair, and
added that balletrina headband, removed the fakelashes and eyeliner
and replaced with mascara and pink & white eyeshadow, removed
braces and lip rings, and added blusher & another pair of earrings.
hope you like. 'x

Makeover on melissakuh

After she got a makeover :)

Before she got a makeover :)

I liked her medoll a lot! I thought about it and got an idea! A soft pinky theme would be elegant and beautiful on her! So I used black mascara (both types), black eyeliner, black kohl, white kohl to make the eyes stand out. Then, light pink eyeshadow with a burst of bright purple. Then, I went for some girlish pink lipstick. I changed the hairstyle to a more girlish type. Finally, I added a cute, girly pink hairband for finishing girly touches.
xxx Gemma

Makeover on starszn

After she got a makeover :)

Before she got a makeover :)

I loved her medoll! It was beautiful! I couldn't think of anything to change but I decided to have a coloured theme but it doesn't look very good Sorry! I went for blue. I used a different hairstyle, changed her hair to brown, kept the spot, used dark blue and light blue eyeshadow, bright blue kohl, white kohl, black mascara, black eyeliner, no blush and same lipstick (blush).
xxx Gemma

Makeover on xX.karlitos.Xx

After she had a makeover :)

Before she had a makeover :)

This is my makeover on xX.karlitos.Xx! She has an amazing medoll! I changed it by using chestnut brown hair, black eyeliner, black eye kohl, black mascara (both types),  I used the same lipstick (blush colour), light pink blush, I kept the spot, plum eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow and added some purple sunshades. :)

Gemma xxx

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Cazzia called me chuckie and we were like 'omgg he's out of the rugrats' and then cazzia said that she should be Tommy and I should be Chuckie... So yeah I decided to do a makeover on the two of us :D I guess you can tell which one is which :L I seriously am sorry about cazzia's transformation to Tommy though- I couldn't make the head bald : :L

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Makeover on Lady_GAGA4ever

Woahh long time no makeover :o

Well for Lady_GAGA4ever's makeover, I decided to go for a girly theme. I made the lips bright pink and changed the hairstyle to bring more of the face out. I added a cute pink star and a bigger pink star to the hair, and moved the beauty spot to just underneath the eye. I kept the eyes quite natural with mascara and then tada :)

By Jade x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

my first makeover.


when i saw babi*licious hadnt had a makeover done on here, i jumped to it. beth is one of my very best friends and her medoll is AMAZING. its very beth. so i decided to give her a 'zebra' look, seeing as she is my zebra(short story..) so... here you go :D basically, i added black stripes to her newly colored white hair, to make the zebra look, adding black and white eyes to the look. the skull and bow clips were sweet, so i added them seeing as beth is very sweet:) and lastly, the apple necklace is for our LOVE of twilight<3.>


Monday, 1 June 2009

Stunning. (She is stunning!!!)

Hello, Gemma here.
Well, this is a makeover for Stunning.
She is one of my best friends and I decided to change her medoll to pinky.

K.O.O.K.S :D

Maya asked me to makeover her doll, so here it is :D

I decided as its nice and summery at the moment, i'd give her a lovely summery look :)



First, i made the hair slightly darker, and changed the style.

Used soft, pastel-like shades for the eyes, which include greens and dark purples (softened with white eyeshadow)

Used the aubergine coloured eyeliner and the dark green eyeliner to give a bit of depth to the look, and black mascara.

Added some bronzey coloured blush, to give a nice, tanned look.

And to finish, i added a lovely, sparkly black headband :D

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Makeover on missrandomlove

Katrina's medoll is absolutely stunning, and as I came accross her page I decided to give her a makeover ;)

Firstly, I decided to go for a summer beachy theme with blues and light colours, so I added white eye shaddow topped with dark and light blue eyeshadow. I removed the glasses to bring out her eyes more, and added some blusher. I changed the hair style and added some blonde and brown highlights. To finish it off, I added a cute blue bow and black head band around her top forehead :D

I love Katrina's medoll!


Friday, 29 May 2009

Emmoh :)

Emily is lovely, and her medoll is gorgeous, the make-up minimal but effective.

So i jumped at the chance when she asked me to do her a makeover.

This is Emily before :D

And this is the After pic :)

I decided, in true Katrina fashion :),

to add some colour.

I started off by using 3 different shades of blue, and 1 purple shade for the eyes,

i decided to just use black eyeliner, and no mascara, so theres not too much black.

then i used 2 different pink blushes, darker round the cheekbone area :D,

changed the hair style and made the colour slightly darker

and added the preettyy butterfly clip to finish :D

Thursday, 28 May 2009


I thought that Laura had an adorable medoll :D I decided to go for a more classy (ish) style :) I decided to change the hair and hair colour, and add blue shades around the eyes to make them stand out :) I darkened the lips a little and for finishing touches, added blonde highlights, diamond earings and a cute gold headband.

A Makeover on xX.karlitos.Xx

This time I went for Blue ;)
The makeover's a bit crazy.
I loved her old medoll but maybe a change?

Left - Original her
Right - Makeover

I did say it was crazy :P

Gemma xxx

Makeover on Piemonte_girl

For some reason, pink is my makeover theme today :P
So here is Piemonte_girl, one of my good friends.
She already has a beautiful medoll though!

Left - Original Piemonte_girl
Right - Piemonte_girl with a makeover

xxx gemma

A Makeover on Fakeshake3

Hello, it's Gemma.
I post in the sister blog and I now post here too.
Here's my first makeover!

Left - Original fakeshake3
Right - Makeover of fakeshake3

Gemma xxx

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dramagyrl2 :)

I really love Clarisa's medoll! Its beautiful, and i really wanted to do a makeover for it :D

So here we are :)

I changed the hair, to a more edgy style, which makes a big change. I opted for soft, sandy and pinky/lilac colours for the eyes, and added a small bit of blush.
There is one very delicate pair of false eyelashes, just to add a bit more volume, and the glasses are there to demonstrate that this type of make-up is ideal for glasses :D
et voila!


Ok, so I got rid of the lip liner and changed the colour of the lips. I completely changed her hair style to a side pony-tail and added a cute headbabd. I used black eyeliner, grey smokey eyeshaddow and mascara on the eyes. For the finishing touches, I added a cute pearl necklace topped with a really random flower and a dash of blusher on the cheeks :)

I thought that Callie.stardoll (one of the stardoll staff) needed a makeover so here it is :)

first post aha :D

Well i thought that this page needed a post so here it is :) I'm guessing that there aren't many people reading this but anywayyyyy.
I kinda transfered some of my makeovers over from our other blog to this one :)

For Jade's makeover, I decided to go for a summery theme. I think that her medoll has gorgeous eyes and decided to make them stand out by changing the hairstyle so that most of the hair is pulled back and added a blue, green and smokey grey combination. I added a cute gold heaband to finish it all off :)

For Cazzia's look, I changed the hairstyle and added a cute red headband with red bow. I added a slightly smokey effect on the eyes using grey/black eyeshaddow and some black eyeliner along the top of the eyes. I made the lips a bit more skin toned and added some blusher.And don't you all agree that Cazzia's eyes are gorgeous as well? :L

For Gemma's makeover, I decided to base the theme on elegant with a touch of brightness. I changed the hairstyle and added pink to the eye shaddow. I used a dash of pink, white and black eyeline and splashed some bright lipstick to make the lips stand out. For the finishing touches, I added the cute diamond earings and fake eyelashes.

Ok so for Trina's look I added a blue eyeshaddow and darkened the hair slightly with a hint of blonde highlights. I added some blue eyeliner and blusher. Don't you all agree that Trina's medoll's eyes are gorgeous? :)

For Beth's look, I left the cute beauty spots the same (they are sooo cute!). As I was looking through her jewellry and stuff, I found some colourful highlight stuff and I was influenced to use them :] I used a pink theme for the eyes and added a touch of blusher to the face. I changed the hairstyle and the lips remain the same.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Hiya guys!

Well Welcome to our new blog!
After some of our readers started to do makeovers on other medolls and published them on our main blog, we thought that it became a bit too overpowering so decided to make a seperate blog to present the makeovers on :)

We will have it all up and running very soon!

We hope to futher extend our blogs even further in the future as well!

Jade x