Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Cazzia called me chuckie and we were like 'omgg he's out of the rugrats' and then cazzia said that she should be Tommy and I should be Chuckie... So yeah I decided to do a makeover on the two of us :D I guess you can tell which one is which :L I seriously am sorry about cazzia's transformation to Tommy though- I couldn't make the head bald : :L

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Makeover on Lady_GAGA4ever

Woahh long time no makeover :o

Well for Lady_GAGA4ever's makeover, I decided to go for a girly theme. I made the lips bright pink and changed the hairstyle to bring more of the face out. I added a cute pink star and a bigger pink star to the hair, and moved the beauty spot to just underneath the eye. I kept the eyes quite natural with mascara and then tada :)

By Jade x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

my first makeover.


when i saw babi*licious hadnt had a makeover done on here, i jumped to it. beth is one of my very best friends and her medoll is AMAZING. its very beth. so i decided to give her a 'zebra' look, seeing as she is my zebra(short story..) so... here you go :D basically, i added black stripes to her newly colored white hair, to make the zebra look, adding black and white eyes to the look. the skull and bow clips were sweet, so i added them seeing as beth is very sweet:) and lastly, the apple necklace is for our LOVE of twilight<3.>


Monday, 1 June 2009

Stunning. (She is stunning!!!)

Hello, Gemma here.
Well, this is a makeover for Stunning.
She is one of my best friends and I decided to change her medoll to pinky.

K.O.O.K.S :D

Maya asked me to makeover her doll, so here it is :D

I decided as its nice and summery at the moment, i'd give her a lovely summery look :)



First, i made the hair slightly darker, and changed the style.

Used soft, pastel-like shades for the eyes, which include greens and dark purples (softened with white eyeshadow)

Used the aubergine coloured eyeliner and the dark green eyeliner to give a bit of depth to the look, and black mascara.

Added some bronzey coloured blush, to give a nice, tanned look.

And to finish, i added a lovely, sparkly black headband :D