Monday, 20 July 2009

makeover on SOPHiiE__X

long time no makeover. :)

SOPHiiE__x had a really unique and nice medoll, and i <3>
but i decided to make it pink and girly. i changed the hair, and
added that balletrina headband, removed the fakelashes and eyeliner
and replaced with mascara and pink & white eyeshadow, removed
braces and lip rings, and added blusher & another pair of earrings.
hope you like. 'x

Makeover on melissakuh

After she got a makeover :)

Before she got a makeover :)

I liked her medoll a lot! I thought about it and got an idea! A soft pinky theme would be elegant and beautiful on her! So I used black mascara (both types), black eyeliner, black kohl, white kohl to make the eyes stand out. Then, light pink eyeshadow with a burst of bright purple. Then, I went for some girlish pink lipstick. I changed the hairstyle to a more girlish type. Finally, I added a cute, girly pink hairband for finishing girly touches.
xxx Gemma

Makeover on starszn

After she got a makeover :)

Before she got a makeover :)

I loved her medoll! It was beautiful! I couldn't think of anything to change but I decided to have a coloured theme but it doesn't look very good Sorry! I went for blue. I used a different hairstyle, changed her hair to brown, kept the spot, used dark blue and light blue eyeshadow, bright blue kohl, white kohl, black mascara, black eyeliner, no blush and same lipstick (blush).
xxx Gemma

Makeover on xX.karlitos.Xx

After she had a makeover :)

Before she had a makeover :)

This is my makeover on xX.karlitos.Xx! She has an amazing medoll! I changed it by using chestnut brown hair, black eyeliner, black eye kohl, black mascara (both types),  I used the same lipstick (blush colour), light pink blush, I kept the spot, plum eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow and added some purple sunshades. :)

Gemma xxx