Saturday, 12 September 2009

Makeover on Graciestar9

Graciestar9 is our newest fan :] and she asked me if i'd do a makeover for her :D
So here it is, hope you like it Gracie, and everyone else! :]
I started off with the usuals, removed makeup, accessories etc.
Then i started off with the eyeliner, light blue on the eyelids, and black below :D to make a nice contrast. I used white eyeshadow as a base, and then started building up the colours from there. I like that way of doing the eyeshadow as you can basically do whatever you like with it and pull it off :] i decided not to use mascara this time.
I highlighted the cheekbones with blush, changed the hairstyle and added the bow!
Et Voila!!
Katrina x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

makeover on puppy1014

Well my friend puppy1014 asked for a makeover. I found it really hard as her medoll is gorgeous already!
Firstly, I changed the hair style to a side ponytile. I decided that I would go for a pink colour scheme instead of a blue, so I used white eyeshadow with a touch of pink, and a streak of pink highlights in the hair. I then added some black eyeliner and mascara to make the eyes more bolder, and to finish it off I added the cute silver headband, purple star and blusher.

Hope you like it :) xx

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Now and then, people ask us to do makeovers for them, but they dont really have much in the way of make-up/accessories

Yesterday, Brittany asked us to do a makeover for her, so i thought i'd have a go, seeing as ive not done one in aaages :o

I like it when there isnt as much to work with, its a challenge for me, and it proves that a lot of the time, less is more.

Heres Brittany's makeover, hope you like it :D

I took out the hair bow and changed the hairstyle :]

Then removed the previous make-up and started off with the white eyeshadow, all over the eyelids. Then i highlighted the inner corners of each eye with the white kohl eyeliner. Then i lined the rest of the eyes with the black. At this point it all looked very monochrome which can normally be quite lovely, but it did need a splash of colour, so i used the pink eyeshadow pencil and then the volumizing mascara to finish the eyes.

Finally i highlighted the cheekbone with the lovely bright pink blusher- et voila!

I thought it looked nice without accessories this time, but you could add a nice hairclip, bow or pair of earrings if you want to :D